Lake Bled Castle – feel like a Princess!

  1. Standing tall atop a hill over 100 meters above the lake, Bled castle is one of the most beautiful spots in Slovenia. Offering views of the pristine Alps surrounded by a picturesque lake, magnificent view point leaves you spellbound. This is exactly how one imagines a medieval fortress would look like!

One would inform you that visiting the castle is an hour long tour. However we couldne be more wrong It takes about 25-30 mins to climb the castle, and 15 mins to climb down. If old castles pique your interest, make sure to set aside a good couple of hours to take in all the history and breathtaking view!


Here are some of our top 6 recommendations to do once your there!

  1. View Point: The most obvious reason why most people would like to visit the castle is the view of Lake Bled. However, I would rate the castle as the second best viewing spot for the lake. To find out where the best spots are to catch a good view check out our other blog:
  2. Experience Yugoslavia`s first printing press: The castle houses a reconstructed Gutenberg`s wooden printing machine. The master printer does a demonstration on handmade paper using wooden blocks of how printing was done in days yonder. Make sure to buy yourself a bookmark to take back home as a souvenir!

3. Get some Potica: Potica is the traditional rich holiday Slovenian cake. It is essentially rolled dough with a mind boggling number of delicious creamy fillings. I thoroughly enjoyed the vanilla sponge roll with chocolate. Couple it with some orange ice tea, to tickle your tastebuds.

4. Shop at the Bee store: Imagine a shop full of honey! A honey lovers paradise! The shope itself is a masterpiece as it is designed to replicate a honey comb. You can taste over 20 types of honey! My favorite was William Pear honey, which had a pear fruit and brandy flavor. Highly recommended are the Truffle and chocolate honey flavours.

5. Visit the Blacksmith store: After the castle was reconstructed post the earthquake, the blacksmiths engaged were given permanent accomodation in the castle. They will engrave a coin for you, that marks a thousand years of the existence of the castle. Do get one made for yourself, it costs 5 Euros for gold one, and 2 euros for a silver one

6. So much history: The museum inside the Bled Castle is a permanent display held by the Slovenian National Museum. It explains the history of Bled right from the creation of the area upto the present day. It brings together nature, everyday life, crafts, spiritual culture and all that defines life in this important part of Slovenia.


How to get here: One can either walk around the lake, take a Pletna or row a boat, to reach the foothills of the castle. After that it is a 150 step climb to reach the entry gate.


Entry fee: 11 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child


Time required: 2.5 – 3 hours to enjoy at leisure